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Stephen Day

Product Innovation, Research Lead at LinkedIn & Fitbit

“Trevor has a super keen eye, creative but still business savvy. We worked together while I was at LinkedIn. He helped bring our segments to life through persona development and creative response that spoke to who our customers are. The work was phenomenal and helped with getting buy in from my stakeholders throughout the organization. He truly is one of a kind, thoughtful, talented, perceptive and empathetic.”

Dan Goldstein

Chief Marketing Officer at AVIXA

“Trevor defies conventional wisdom that suggests one cannot be both a leader and a practitioner. Regardless of which field he works in - graphic design, visual FX, branding, messaging, photography, videography - Trevor can work magic. Not only that, he can do it quickly, immediately grasping the brief and understanding the nature of the positive impact he can bring to it. His creativity inspires those around him, while his constant search for "better" or "different" makes him a natural change agent. Give him your most intractable problem and let him loose. You won't regret it.”

Karen Criswell

Film Liaison at Netflix 

“Working with Trevor was a definite submersion into creative brainstorming. From a casual stop by the office over coffee to a scheduled session, there was always a great deal to be gleaned from discussing how to approach challenges from different perspectives and find "out-of-the-box" solutions. His knowledge of art, digital media, composition and design were an asset to our collaborations. It was a pleasure and an honor to work with him. I look forward to the possibility of our paths crossing again in the future!”

Shannon Wiggins

Director of Placement & Alumni Relations at Gnomon School of Visual Effects

“Trevor brought many new marketing and creative tools to our team at Gnomon - growing our reach with prospective students, graduates, and entertainment companies throughout his tenure. His creative thinking and design skills led to the creation of multiple new forms of media for us - across print, video, and social media. Our current viewbook, alumni spotlight interviews, and beautiful photography of the campus are just a few of the valuable resources that we use in the recruitment of students to Gnomon thanks to Trevor!”

Greg Vallance

Creative Managing Partner at Honey Creative, UK


“Trevor is one of the rarities in the design and comms sector who is both a great innovative thinker and an exceptional implementor of his extraordinary thinking. When faced with a problem, he has the rare gift of cutting to the chase and demonstrating his thinking in the most compelling manner. His skills are by no means purely within design, communications and the most amazing animation but to all aspects that require problem-solving. His ability to bring people along with him on his journey of invention and creativity makes him an outstanding man manager, as well as a creative leader. One of the many things that impress me about Trevor is that he never settles for an easy solution, but he will push and prod and encourage so that only the very best solution is found. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with him should grasp that opportunity with both hands!”

John Parenteau

Producer/Director— BlackmagicDesign


“During my time working with him, Trevor was incredibly innovative in his thinking about marketing strategy. I was always impressed not only by his "out of the box" approach, but also his ability to bring his ideas to life quickly and directly. Trevor is a "do'er", and jumps right in there to show how his ideas will work, rather than just talking a good game. Even more recently, as we worked together on new projects, he continued to surprise me with amazing approaches and concepts that not only were better than my own, but put marketing on its ear, always in a great way. I can't recommend him more for this type of position.

trevor  gilchrist

creative director



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